Business Analysis: Best Practices for Success

The business analyst’s role is to solve business problems, usually through the application of technology. That is a wide ranging responsibility, and there appear to be as many definitions of the business analyst position as there are companies that employ business analysts.

The key to understanding the business analyst is to realize that business analysis is a role, a role that can be played by any position, and a role that must be played as part of any successful solution to problems in business. Someone has to define the real problem, separate the symptoms from the problem, come up with the business solution, define the solution – what the business needs to do to solve the problem – and monitor that solution through to implementation in the business environment.

The profession of the business analyst is relatively new in business today with few if any degree programs in universities as yet and only professional certifications to authenticate a business analyst’s knowledge and/or skills. The business analyst role is too important to the success of business for this void to remain long. Increasingly businesses are seeing and experiencing the value of the business analyst in enterprise communication, problem definition, analysis, solution generation, negotiation, data analysis, and creative problem solving.

This website is dedicated to the business analyst and is a meeting place for business analysts to talk, meet, engage, share experiences, share wisdom, ask and answer questions, and learn from each other. Use it in good health and in business analyst prosperity.

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